Are you thinking about purchasing a new air conditioner or furnace?  You should.  Replacing your existing HVAC equipment can reduce your energy usage.  Estimates for new systems are FREE.  We can discuss discounts, rebates, and other specials that we may have.

Here’s what you can expect from our complimentary consultation:

HVAC System Options

There are nearly as many choices in heating and cooling equipment as there are in buying a car. You want what’s right for your lifestyle and desires, but there are hundreds of makes and models available.  Our consultant will ask what your needs and desires are, and assess the physical requirements of your particular home.

The Analysis Process

Since every family, every home and every climate is different, together we can determine the systems available that are right for your home’s size and floor plan, and also meets your family’s air quality requirements, needs and wants. There are many standard, upgrades, and custom options available to choose from in your new home comfort system.


When considering the new system, think carefully about what air quality and moisture control components to include, particularly if anyone in your family has allergies, respiratory or health issues, or dry scalp and skin. The high-tech air quality products of today can exceed hospital air filtration standards for general surgery. Zoning control is also available, and allows you to heat and cool the exact rooms you want, to the exact temperature you want.

High-efficiency equipment may nearly pay for itself in utility savings, so efficiency level is a very important consideration. Many people spend a lot of money on things like hybrid cars and solar panels, and may not consider the more advantageous energy savings from simply installing high-efficiency comfort equipment. Up to 50% of your home’s energy costs may go toward heating and cooling your home, so be sure you ask about reducing energy consumption with higher-efficiency systems. All these considerations can help make your home more comfortable every day.


Most people would not consider proactively budgeting for a breakdown or replacement of their heating and air conditioning system. We suggest using our financing options as a convenient way to pay for your new system over time, subject to approved credit. Often there are financing rebates, specials and incentives to take advantage of. Remember, your energy savings over time can also help offset the investment.

The Installation of your Air Conditioner or Furnace

Who you choose for the installation of your new system has a significant impact on your comfort and the cost of operating it. In fact, installation quality could have a much greater impact on your home comfort than the equipment itself.

When your new system arrives and is ready to install, our friendly installation technicians will carefully install it in your home. Respecting your home is a standard of excellence we take very seriously.

New installations typically include:
  • line & control wiring
  • gas piping
  • condensate drain
  • programmable night set-back thermostat
  • initial duct test & verification
  • building permits
Replacement of units typically include:
  • removal & disposal of existing equipment
  • retrieval of used refrigerant
  • programmable night set-back thermostat
  • initial duct test & verification
  • building permits